6x6 Bagasse Hinged Lid Container

Introducing Greenway Supply Company innovative 6″x6″ x3″ High Hinged Lid Container, designed to revolutionize the way you serve and enjoy your delicious burgers while embracing sustainability.

Key features that make our Bagasse Compostable Burger Box a standout choice:

Eco-Friendly Champion: Made from bagasse, a renewable and compostable material derived from sugarcane, this burger box offers an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional plastic packaging. By choosing our compostable burger box, you’re making a positive impact on the planet.

Ample Capacity: With a spacious 480ml capacity, this burger box provides enough room to accommodate even the juiciest and tallest of burgers. Say goodbye to squished buns and toppings spilling out!

Perfect Dimensions: The 6″x6″x3″ High size strikes a balance between compactness and spaciousness. It offers a snug fit for your mouthwatering burgers while ensuring easy handling and stacking for efficient storage.

Sturdy and Reliable: Weighing in at 23g, this burger box is designed to withstand the demands of takeout and delivery services. Its durable construction ensures your burgers stay secure and intact during transportation, delivering a delightful eating experience to your customers.

Heat Insulation and Ventilation: Our burger box features excellent thermal insulation, keeping your burgers warm and delectable for longer. The smart ventilation design allows steam to escape, preventing sogginess while preserving the burger’s freshness.

Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Beyond burgers, this box is also perfect for other handheld delights like sandwiches, wraps, sliders, or even finger foods. It’s a versatile packaging solution that caters to a wide range of food options.

Compostable and Hassle-Free Disposal: When it’s time to dispose of the burger box, you can do so with peace of mind. It is compostable, allowing for easy and eco-friendly disposal in composting facilities. Reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy.


Environmental Sustainability: Our bagasse compostable burger box helps reduce plastic waste and supports a greener future.

Secure and Intact Burgers: Sturdy construction ensures your burgers arrive intact, maintaining their delicious presentation.

Extended Freshness: Excellent heat insulation and ventilation preserve the flavors and warmth of your burgers.

Versatile and Convenient: Suitable for a variety of handheld food items, offering flexibility in your menu options.

Effortless Disposal: Compostable nature allows for easy and eco-friendly disposal, reducing environmental impact.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Show your commitment to sustainability and delight customers with eco-conscious packaging.

Regulatory Compliance: Our burger box meets industry standards for compostability, ensuring compliance with regulations.


480ml 6″x6″x3″ High 23g Bagasse Compostable Burger Box
Code Raw Material Capacity (ml) Color Option Weight (g) Size (mm) Pcs/Pack Pack/CTN Pcs/CTN CTN Size (mm) Net Weight (kg) CTN/40HQ CTN/20GP
LZ-T-HB06 80% Bagasse + 20% Bamboo 480 Natural / White 20 Open: 305x152xH49;
Fold: 155x155xH77
125 4 500 560x330x335; CBM (m³): 0.062 11.5 1131 485

Note: 1. The package method could be customized according to your requirement;
2. Basic Variety: A. Applicable temperaturer range: -25℃ ~ 200℃; B. Ressistant to ≦95℃ oil & ≦100℃ water; C. Freezer safe; D. Microwave safe; E. Oven use: ≦200℃, ≦3min.
3. PFAS-Free Variety: A. Ressistant to 40℃ ~ 80℃ or 35℃ ~ 50℃ oil & ≦100℃ water; B. Freezer safe: -18℃ ~ 5℃ (Only for oil-free food); C. Not applicable to microwave, oven & alcoholic beverages.

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