12oz Compostable Bagasse Round Bowl

Introducing Greenway Supply Company remarkable 12oz (360ml) 9.7″ diameter x 2.3″ high 10g Compostable Bagasse Bowl, the perfect eco-friendly solution for the food service industry

Crafted with care and sustainability in mind, this compostable bowl is made from bagasse, a natural byproduct of sugarcane processing. Our commitment to the environment shines through in every aspect of its design and production.
Earth-Friendly: Say goodbye to harmful plastic waste! Our compostable bowl offers a guilt-free alternative, ensuring you can serve your delicious culinary creations while being kind to the planet.
Versatile and Spacious: With a 12oz (360ml) capacity, this bowl provides ample room for a variety of dishes. From delectable soups and salads to hearty pasta dishes, it’s the ideal choice for any food service establishment.
Perfectly Sized: The 9.7″ diameter x H2.3″ dimensions ensure a sleek and compact design, allowing for easy stacking and storage. Maximize your shelf space without compromising on functionality.
Lightweight yet Sturdy: Weighing only 10g, this bowl is incredibly lightweight, making it convenient for both staff and customers. Don’t be fooled by its featherlight feel; it boasts remarkable durability and strength.

Heat and Leak Resistant: Designed to withstand hot and cold contents, our bagasse bowl offers excellent thermal insulation, ensuring your customers’ comfort and satisfaction. No more worries about leaks or soggy bottoms!

Eye-Catching Design: The natural beige hue of the bagasse material adds a touch of rustic elegance to any table setting. Its minimalist appearance complements a wide range of dining concepts, from casual cafes to upscale restaurants.

Easy Disposal: When the meal is over, disposal becomes a breeze. Simply toss the bowl into a composting bin, where it will naturally break down and return to the Earth, completing the cycle of sustainability.

At Greenway Supply Company, we prioritize quality, eco-consciousness, and customer satisfaction. Our 12oz (360ml) 9.7″ diameter x 2.3″ high 10g Compostable Bagasse Bowl is a testament to our dedication to the environment and our commitment to providing outstanding products for the food service industry.

Join us in making a positive impact on the planet, one bowl at a time. Choose our compostable bagasse bowl and elevate your dining experience while reducing your carbon footprint. Order now and embrace a greener future!


12oz 360ml 9.7″ diameter xH2.3″ 10g Compostable Bagasse Bowl
Code Raw Material Capacity (ml) Color Option Weight (g) Size (mm) Pcs/Pack Pack/CTN Pcs/CTN CTN Size (mm) Net Weight (kg) CTN/40HQ CTN/20GP
LZ-TW12 80% Bagasse + 20% Bamboo 360 Natural / White 10 Φ160*H38 125 8 1000 500x338x350; CBM (m³): 0.059 10 1183 507

Note: 1. The package method could be customized according to your requirement;
2. Basic Variety: A. Applicable temperature range: -25℃ ~ 200℃; B. Resistant to ≦95℃ oil & ≦100℃ water; C. Freezer safe; D. Microwave safe; E. Oven use: ≦200℃, ≦3min.
3. PFAS-Free Variety: A. Resistant to 40℃ ~ 80℃ or 35℃ ~ 50℃ oil & ≦100℃ water; B. Freezer safe: -18℃ ~ 5℃ (Only for oil-free food); C. Not applicable to microwave, oven & alcoholic beverages.

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Natural, White