10" 3-compartment-compostable-bagasse-plate

Introducing Greenway Supply Company eco-friendly 10″ 3 Compartment Plate – the perfect solution for sustainable food service

Our 10″ 3 Compartment Plate is meticulously crafted from premium bagasse, a natural byproduct of sugarcane processing. With its exceptional quality and eco-friendly design, this plate offers a guilt-free dining experience without compromising on functionality or style.

Compostable and Biodegradable: Made entirely from bagasse, our 10″ 3 Compartment Plate is fully compostable and biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future with every use.

Three Compartments for Versatility: Our plate features three intelligently designed compartments, allowing you to serve a variety of dishes without mixing flavors or compromising presentation. It’s perfect for meals that require separate portions or diverse food combinations.

Superior Strength and Durability: Despite its lightweight design, our plate boasts remarkable strength and durability, capable of securely holding even the heartiest meals. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that it won’t buckle or leak under pressure.

Heat-Resistant: Our 10″ 3 Compartment Plate is heat-resistant, making it suitable for both hot and cold food. It can withstand high temperatures without warping, making it a reliable choice for serving freshly cooked meals.

Leak-Proof and Liquid-Friendly: Thanks to its innovative design and reinforced edges, our plate effectively prevents leaks and spills. Serve saucy dishes and gravies with confidence, knowing that our plate will keep your food secure.


Sustainable Alternative: By opting for our 10″ 3 Compartment Plate, you actively contribute to reducing plastic and foam waste, as it is made from 100% compostable and biodegradable bagasse.
Convenience and Efficiency: The three compartments on our plate promote efficient portion control and organized meal presentation, ensuring a delightful dining experience for your customers.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re serving in cafeterias, catering events, food trucks, or other food service establishments, our plate is a versatile choice for a wide range of meal options.

Environmental Impact: Join the sustainable revolution! By choosing our compostable plate, you help divert tons of waste from landfills, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional disposable tableware. Plus, when properly composted, our plate breaks down into nutrient-rich soil, enriching the environment and supporting a circular economy.

Make a Difference Today: Experience the perfect blend of sustainability, functionality, and style with our 10″ 3 Compartment Plate. Take the first step towards an eco-friendly future by integrating our compostable plate into your food service operations. Order now and start making a positive impact on our planet, one plate at a time!

Shop now and explore our full range of eco-friendly compostable products for the food service industry. Contact us for bulk orders, customization options, or any inquiries you may have. Together, let’s pave the way for a greener tomorrow!


ф10″x0.8″ 21g 3-Comp Compostable Bagasse Plate
Code Raw Material Capacity (ml) Color Option Weight (g) Size (inch) Pcs/Pack Pack/CTN Pcs/CTN CTN Size (mm) Net Weight (kg) CTN/40HQ CTN/20GP
LZ-YP10-1 80% Bagasse + 20% Bamboo / Natural / White 21 ф10″x0.8″ 125 4 500 535x350x280; CBM (m³): 0.052 10.5 1335 572

Note: 1. The package method could be customized according to your requirement;
2. Basic Variety: A. Applicable temperaturer range: -25℃ ~ 200℃; B. Ressistant to ≦95℃ oil & ≦100℃ water; C. Freezer safe; D. Microwave safe; E. Oven use: ≦200℃, ≦3min.
3. PFAS-Free Variety: A. Ressistant to 40℃ ~ 80℃ or 35℃ ~ 50℃ oil & ≦100℃ water; B. Freezer safe: -18℃ ~ 5℃ (Only for oil-free food); C. Not applicable to microwave, oven & alcoholic beverages.

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